Well, putting some of my thoughts in the open is one thing. I'll probably talk about web, a couple of programming languages if my knowledge of them let me. Apply some IndieWeb concepts as well.

Tech behind

After months trying to decide what tooling I would be using that can satisfy my needs of content publishing, I ended up deciding not to satisfy myself and just start, otherwise this would be again another year that I'm keen on doing things, but don't.

Nowadays there are plenty ways of hosting a website without paying for a server (or very little), like Netlify, Vercel, S3, but when it comes to analytics they charge you by a lot.

Netlify Analytics cost $9 per month, sorry but no.

Vercel is like 1 day analytics for the free tier.

AWS CloudFront gives a very nice analytics dashboard included in their pricing, but it can't serve subfolder root files from S3 if not using Lambda functions, on top of that Route53 isn't supporting CNAME to APEX domains. I'm sure moving out of Route53 and creating a lambda function would solve the problem, but let's avoid big tech for small things.

Ffs, I just want to check if a web page is being accessed. Some offline HTTP log analyzer (remember awstats?) would suffice. - GoAccess seems a decent approach.

My requirements

  • No git deployments.
  • Simplest analytics through the http logs, no tracking.
  • Local content files - actually I wanted dynamic content but gave up the idea.
  • On top of local files, CLI command to publish (like awscli s3 sync)
  • Comments? Erm...