Having My Own Blog Platform

This is my blog, microblog or whatever ;)

It’s supposed to be my train of thoughts and I hope to keep going.

I started this year of 2019 with the following thoughts in mind:

Key things that I’m interested

Technical side

  • Functional programming for web applications
    Thinking about transforming data instead of mutating.

  • Concurrent and fault-tolerant
    Users want products that are fast and reliable.

  • Code maintainability
    This is a must for growing code bases and companies.

  • Releases and distribution
    Making things easier when delivering new products and features.

Product/Business side

  • Supporting thousands of users
    You start small, but you eventually (and hopefully) grow. Companies usually change stack or throw money on hardware.

  • Organically scale without adding complexity
    What I mean is, what if to triple the capacity, tech/infra changes are minimal to no effort?

  • Ship features fast and consistently
    To be able to iterate, experiment, improve and change product is extremely important.

  • Supporting several distributed teams
    Several teams working in the same product is not easy.

By that time I was digging a little bit of Elixir, this hasn’t changed and I’m still pursuing those learnings, but shifted to Rust as a means to some of it, though the learning curve is tremendous steep (I confess that my time dedicated to it isn’t much, so this makes things even harder).